FREE DOWNLOAD: The Natural Curriculum – Instrumentals .3

aver-instrumentalsToday we have the hip hop collective The Natural Curriculum from Manchester, UK, blowing up your speakers on a Friday with a free download of their Instrumentals .3 by producer Aver. And seriously, who doesn’t like good music? A free download to boot, so check out what these chaps have going on. The band is comprised of AVER (Producer/Emcee) CHALK (Producer/Emcee, JAM (Beatboxer), OMAS (DJ), and SYKES (Emcee), these lads have been at it for a while spreading more than boom bap love to the masses. These instrumentals are super tight. From the jazzy, “Cheese Evils” to the boom blip of “Experiments in Peanut Butter”, to Melvin Van Peebles -esque “Touching The Frog”, these instrumentals are something you might want to grab up. Sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes drunk Dilla type drums, sometimes futuristic D ‘N B meets broken beat, we like the cut of their jib. It is definitely left of center, but there is a telling tale throughout. It’s fucking good. So who cares if Drake is collabing with a Nigerian musician (yawn), or other mainstream artists are discovering boogie, we have TNC. Mancunian music that reflects their life, the city, and keeps it real. That’s not something many can say, but these instrumentals do. Stream all the tracks (admittedly not properly mixed or remastered) below and get the whole thing for free as well. Your weekend just got a lot better. Enjoy.

Get it here.

Keep Diggin’!

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