Nomadic Warriors – Self Titled

nomadic-warriorsToday’s goodness comes out of the Midwest, Cincinnati, OH to be exact. Producer Grimez has made a name for himself producing and ghost producing records for notables such as 50 Cent, Hi-Tek, Talib Kweli, MOOD, Kool Keith, Stic Man from Dead Prez, Killah Priest, The Mighty Diamonds, and more. So for this project he gathered up a bevy Cincy’s greatest players to put together Nomadic Warriors. Recorded on vintage studio gear, analog equipment and tape (how it should be!), Nomadic Warriors have that sound that we all crave and love. Recruiting players like Brad Meyers on guitar, a great jazz musician in his own right, Organ/Keyboard prodigy, J-SKillZ, who is a frequent collaborator with Hi-Tek, Tim Hensley, the drummer from reggae band The Cliftones, plus a supporting cast of the area’s most talented, this record is top notch from start to finish. Live drums, sounding like they were from the 70’s, chunky bass, Hammond organ chops, horns, and just the right guitars make this all instrumental record something you will enjoy again and again. From the dubbed out “Immortal Ancestors”, which could have been some long lost JA early 70’s outtake, to the crushing bass of “Delusion”, this record screams lo-fi but with so much more. Seriously. “Divine Antidote”, with a buffalo soldier-eque sound, chugs along with beautiful horns and transports you back to your own personal Trenchtown in an aural haze. “Rebellion To Tyrants”, delicate with the piano riffs and classic guitar, is sewn together by some hard hitting drums to soothe your ear’s palette along the way to cinematic glory. This is definitely soundtrack material. Rounding off the record are “Historical Documents” and “Virtuous City”, two dope tracks in their own right. The first is a slow moving, smoked out horn filled side with plenty bass for your face and the last ends the record on a high note that has started from the first track. Again, keeping it straight dub, the Hammond riffs are subtle and do their job, back the massive horns and that beat, that beat is what you dream about in this type of music. These players have honed their craft to the top level, and it shows on their first, self titled effort on Chiefdom Records. File under dubbed out analog cinematic soul soundtrack or something along those lines. Very dope stuff. Stream the record below:

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