Thee Baby Cuffs – Where Did Our Pride Go

thee-baby-cuffs-45It’s January 20th, 2017, and the music revolution begins. It also begins with Thee Baby Cuffs and the debut release on the Raza del Soul label. “Where Did Our Pride Go” is song about oppression, a cry to stay up, and a rally against Donald Trump. Backed by Bay Area heavies The M-Tet from Lugnut Records, Thee Baby Cuffs deliver some Chicano Soul Harmony that hits close to home no matter where you are. A haunting Hammond organ, falsetto vocals, sweet, sweet, soul vocals, horns for days, plus right on drums really put the point in the exclamation point.

Hey Trump, where does your money go?

As of today, things will be changing in our world. With cuts to the arts and education near, musicians will take the time to seize the day and make revolutionary music once again. It happened in the 1980’s, and it will surely happen again starting in 2017. Thee Baby Cuffs do a great job channeling the spirit of the Larry Sanders and The Prophets of Soul’s “Where Did Peace Go” and re-working the lyrics to reflect what is happening with Raza today. With a limited press of 500, and a label with the Mexican flag, Raza del Soul comes correct with their first forty five and a bonus instrumental on the flip. Available on Cinco de Mayo, you can pre-order the record and get the digital now. File under revolution music, low rider soul, and West Coast sweet soul sounds. We are happy to bring this to you today on Flea Market Funk. Bring on the revolutionary music of today, and it starts with Thee Baby Cuffs. Listen to the track below.

More info on the release here.

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