1/ 31: Flea Market Funk x The Asbury Hotel

the-asbury-lobbyNew Jersey people. If you are around on Tuesday, January 31st, Flea Market Funk will be setting up shop in our old stomping grounds of Asbury Park, NJ at the newly built hotel The Asbury. We will be spinning an exclusive all 45 set for their Revolutions all vinyl party in the lobby. It has been about six years since we have DJed in Asbury Park proper, so it will be good to see some familiar faces throughout the night. We started our Asbury Park 45 Sessions at The Asbury Lanes in the 2000’s and had a great crew of 45 slangers, as well as esteemed guests throughout the life of the party. Continuing on with that vibe, we will be bringing down our Tucker & Bloom Rich Medina 45 bag chock full of heat, which includes deep funk, disco, African, Brazilian, reggae 45s, and any other funky nuggets we feel like dropping that night. So if you are in the area (or want to make a trip there), the party has been getting great reviews, and showcases one DJ every Tuesday night during the month. It’s free, and the secret drink menu word is “Revolutions”, so get down with DJ Prestige in an intimate and dope setting near the beach. The live mix tape continues, and this time it’s in AP.



Check out the event page here.

More info on The Asbury here.

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