Drumetrics: DRB-ADB 001

drumetrics-die-cut-dThe Drumetrics Collective are at it once again, this time with DRB-ADB 001, which is DRB- Danny Ray Barragan : Drummer, and ADB- Andrew David Barragan : Bass/Multi-Instrumentalist. Following up with a collection of songs inspired by library music, these sought after releases, very custom in production and sound are definitely on the doper side of vinyl records if we do say so ourselves. This 5 song EP was recorded live and raw in one take (just how we like it!) with no post production. They have released the track list and lengths as well:

1. Spy 5’14”
2. Cool House 1’27”
3. Rust 2’27”
4. Eden 2’23”
5. Zelda 5’30”

We have always been interested in the Drumetrics releases, and this one is just as interesting. Limited to 500 pieces of ten inch vinyl with a Die Cut (D) on front cover & DeBossed Drumetrics Logo On Back, they have gone above and beyond to keep it super custom and fresh. Very cool packaging and music to go along with it, always a plus. The record is up for pre-order, and is chock full of deep funk and Cinematic Down Tempo goodness, so how about those apples?. Produced by the talented MRR, get this thing on your turntable, it is another top notch production that might fly under the radar. You can follow the link below to get a snippet of the entire EP, as well as more info on the Drumertrics site.


Check that out here.

Keep Diggin’!

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