Cornel Campbell – My Roots Girl

cornell-campbell-roots-girl-45Today’s sweetness comes from the original gorgon himself, Cornel Campbell, and a bit of rocksteady soul on Tel Aviv’s Med Tone Records with “My Roots Girl”. Recorded in present day, but with a sound from four to five decades ago, this authentic side is ready to heat up the dance hall and your record box. With an original riddim from the Med Tone All Stars band, this forty five takes you back to JA folks, right on the beach, cool drink in hand, and grooving to that sound. That special sound we are talking about is the falsetto of the one and only Cornel Campbell. From Bunny Lee to sessions at Studio One, Campbell is clearly one of the best to ever do it in the reggae genre, so grab this one while you can. The flip is a King Tubby inspired “Rootical Skank”, heavy weight dub version of the track mixed by Asaf Smilan. Tuff side! Check out the record below:

Pre-order the record, out Feb. 17th here.

This feature is dedicated to the memory of Paul LaBrusciano who recently passed away. Reggae man, father, and all around great dude. Rest In Peace.

Keep Diggin’!

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