Soundsci – My Boosey Weighs A Ton

a0944305271_10Library music and the people that make it, play it, and collect it are a special breed. Hard to obtain, not widely known, and usually containing hard as nails samples (and drums!), the genre is a crate digger and producer’s wet dream. While labels like KPM have been getting more popular with collectors and with knowledgeable diggers scooping up Boosey & Hawkes recorded projects, one label that has been harder and harder to grab a hold of are the Cavendish releases (which B & H are a part of). We are talking many uncharted waters here folks. Lucky for us, enter Soundsci. The crew compromised of Jonny Cuba, Audessey,Ollie Teeba, Oxygen, UGeorge, Supastition, Emskee & Eddie Meeks have given us My Boosey Weighs A Ton, an entire album sampled from the Cavendish archive. The first single, “Hunger Pains” is a moody trip of a side with hard pounding drums and lyrics that spit just as tough as the drums hit. Any of these samples could be featured on a Dusty Fingers compilation and give that smelling onions face you see heads have when they hear a track for the first time. That’s why library music is honestly, some of the best music on earth. These archives have been touched by few, and Soundsci deliver once again with this unique collaboration on a special label, 2NX, created especially for the sampled material of the Cavendish umbrella. 500 units pressed up, listen to the track below, and pre-order after the stream, The record is available February 27th.

Pre-order the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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