Exotic Jazz Impressions from Hungary (1963-1965) 7″

ejifh-63-65While we are all aware of the impact on American jazz on the genre, the US was not the only country to really make an impact on the culture. It’s no secret that European countries not only embraced American jazz artists more that they did here in the States, but their own players produced some terrific jazz records throughout the years. Budabeats Records has brought some of this European jazz back to life on a seven inch, Exotic Jazz Impressions from Hungary (1963-1965) is available now. This 45 highlights exotic jazz from Hungary in the years 1963-1965. Featuring two tracks by Mária Toldy, and a track a piece by Nadja Beimel and Márta Szirmay, although the main theme is jazz, these four tracks feature afro-cuban, exotica, and bossa nova tracks. What makes these tracks special, is just how persecuted musicians in Hungary were at the time, and how playing Western music was forbidden, and just how oppressed they were under Communism. Although things loosened up a bit in the early to mid ’60’s, when these records were produced, it is still amazing how they were able to get this sound in that country at that time. This 45 is limited to 500 pieces pressed, with a custom designed picture sleeve and two different sticker sets by Recordshack Distribution, which allows for unique customization. How cool. We love jazz, and even more we love jazz on 45, so stream the record below, and if it’s your bag baby, feel free to grab a record at the link at the bottom.

Get the record here.

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