Nautilus – Creepin’

nautilus-creepin-45nautilus_photo2Today’s funky, jazzy goodness comes from Nautilus, a trio comprised of drummer Toshiyuki Sasaki, bassist Shigeki Umezawa and Keyboardist Daisuke Takeuchi, this three piece has been making music together since 2014. Leaning close to modern rare grooves, funk and soul, jazz, and even hip hop, they have relases a super limited edition 45 on the Agogo Records label available at the end of the month. These two tracks, featuring vocalists Myra Maud and Sera Kalo respectively, are journeys into soulful sides. The A, “Creepin” is synth heavy with an almost quiet storm vocal over steady drums and a healthy bass line. Some down tempo modern soul at its best. The flip, “Little B’s Poem” is an acid jazzy, light as a feather tune with Kalo’s vocals reaching high up to the stars on the track. The breakdown is definitely sick, and honestly, Little B has got a lot of love for her on this one. From the bass line to the keyboard stabs to drums, we are stuck on this one for sure. Not every track has to blow your speakers with low end to blow your mind a bit. Both of these tunes, while on the down tempo tip, can have that effect on you. Stream both tracks below, and grab one of these as they definitely define the words limited edition.

Available exclusively on their bandcamp page, this record is super limited at 150 copies and is hand stamped.

Pre-Order the record, available on March 31st, here.

Keep Diggin’!

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