The Fat Bagders – The Gers

the-gersFunk it, it’s Friday, let’s get even more funky than we usually do. This time it’s with The Badgers from France. Rounding off their third disco funk EP after The Fat and The Bad, we bring you The Gers. Les Fat are back, and it’s a electro cosmic disco party that starts on stage goes straight to the jacuzzi and then ends up at some late night spot drinking beer out of a bag and eating kebabs in the cellar of a dark club. Don’t know where you are? No worries, you’re with friends getting funky. Plus you’re in France, seriously, just have a good time. The four tracks featured from this record, “You Love Me and You Leave Me”, “Jak Chirak”, “Bad Mothers”, and “Who Got The Funk” share a common bond: high energy funk. It’s like Bootsy got into a car with The Electric Six and they decided to start a family. “Jak Chirak” is the ultimate party starter, complete with endless horn stabs and a serious P-Funk vibe, which is a good thing. “You Love Me and You Leave Me” has that 80’s boogie vibe with plenty-o-synths and electro sounds to keep all the small mustached dudes and day glow ladies moving on the floor. “Bad Mothers” is another uptempo disco boogie side that is a work out for sure. With a buildup and breakdown that takes you straight to the church of the F-U-N-K, bring a towel because it’s gonna get bass slapping sweaty. Closing off the record, “Who Got The Funk” really answers the universal question of just, well, who has it? The f word that is. Don’t make me say it. More P-Funk vibes updated for 2017, this band is definitely all about the party. If you play this thing and can’t get up for the down stroke, call your doctor immediately. Vinyl record is of the color variety and includes gate fold cover and download card, plus unlimited streaming. Bonus.

You are having issues. Stream the EP below:

Buy the vinyl here

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