Let It Soul: Sneak Peek

img_0320With all this border closing talk these days, walls trying to be built to keep people out, it’s great to see a project that breaks down these barriers between countries, cultures, and music. Let It Soul is a documentary directed by Kirill Kulagin and Tatiana Chekhova, and produced by Andrew Pirumov. With support from Levi’s, this film tells the story of a new hit being made by The Soul Surfers. Featuring the band, as well as Shawn Lee, Malcom Catto, and Adrian Younge, the film unites the cities Nizhniy Novgorod, London, Moscow, and Los Angeles through music. By pushing through these barriers, Let It Soul gives an inside peek to the blood, sweat, and tears being put into making the music, whether it be the first conceptual music note or the final product on vinyl, the viewer gets to see it all. The sneak peek at right here is enough to have funk heads salivating for more. Whether you are familiar with the Soul Surfers forty fives on Funk Night Records, their initial release on Ubiquity, multi-instrumentalist and all around music guru Shawn Lee’s career, the genius of Malcomn Catto, or Adrian Younge’s rise to be a present day soundtrack king, the collision of all these artists from around the world carries a common message: unity through music. Using the funk to break through the borders, The Soul Surfers and friends get you up close and personal with their process and their music. Dig!

Check out the trailer for the documentary below:

Keep Diggin’!

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