Mukatsuku Funk Monsters Volume 2

Who doesn’t like a good funk 45? Do you remember back in the day when the funk 45 craze was at its height and you would scramble to message boards like Soul Strut or Funk 45 to find out about these hard to get records people posted? Your want list and excel sheet of wants kept getting bigger and bigger. We know ours did. Imagine how tough it was pre-internet when you just had to know the right people, go to the records shows, and God forbid…go digging in the field to unearth gems of your own. Well, here in 2017 the supply and demand is another thing. A lot of these records don’t exist, and if they do, well they are very expensive. While we always will encourage you to dig and discover, sometimes you can dig all the way to China and still not come up with said record. That’s where the supply and demand come in. No supply, high demand. But what we do have today is a double side of heat from Mukatsuku that is in demand, but available on one record. Billy Cee & The Freedom Express “Hard Times” , a Memphis funk bomb and an all around dance floor filler sure make people move, even with a song about hardship, and the flip, Pearl Dowdell “Good Things”, a major slice of sister funk originally on the Saadia label. This is definitely a heavy tune, which was the other side of a big Northern tune. Although we dig the Northern from time to time, we will take this gritty side any day. These two have been put together exclusively at Mukatsuku for your listening and your audiences dancing pleasure. Super limited once again, so when they are gone, well, they are gone. Get the funk while it’s still hot.

Check out both records below:

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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