Pat Van Dyke – Forth and Back (Fancy Colors Remix)

We are always in favor of some home team music, and whenever we get something new from Jersey musician Pat Van Dyke aka PVD, you know we have to share it. The band leader, drummer, producer and all around machine is busy nonstop. If he’s not dropping some fresh music for Comedy Central’s newest rising stars, he’s putting together trio, quintets, and all sorts of iterations of his bands using the hottest and in demand players in New York City. Coming off his successful Let The Horns Blow EP on Record Breakin’ Music, he is back once again with a remix of the EP. Producers such as Fancy Colors, Osage, Lux Deville, and Silent Night get to get their hands on the heavy jazz filled funk of LTHB.

These are remixes but that isn’t what this project is about. This is about the shapeshifting of music.

The first sample off of this remix EP is “Forth and Back”, which gets a complete makeover from producer Fancy Colors. The original version, which leaned towards some JB’s deep funky soul, it’s hand claps and horns, as well as fuzzed out synths goes a different direction and morphs into a colorful deep forest jam. With a hint of broken beat, it gets layered and takes you on a whole ‘notha trip. Remixes can go either one of two ways, good or bad. Fortunately PVD aligns himself with good players and producers, and the first tease of this EP is a hit. Check out the track below, and pre-order for its March 24th release. No word yet when the vinyl will be available.

Buy the remixes here.

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