IGBO – Gimme Gimme

igbo1-frontIf you think that NYC Trust are just about the latin sounds, like Biggie, you’d be dead wrong. On their latest release by IGBO, “Gimme Gimme” they get all ’70’s funk and soul on us. A positive force, Indigo Green Brown Orange break it down to the very last compound on this track right ‘chere. Opening the door and letting the sun shine in via Brooklyn, NYC, IGBO bring you back baby, and once you hear the track, you will feel it. Carrying a bit of that ’70’s feel we talked about earlier and some modern production, “Gimme Gimme” has its own sound that makes it stand out in this musical atmosphere where everyone is worrying about worthless rap beefs (are there still rap beefs, really?) instead of paying attention to the real music that is being put down by a lot of artists. Uplifting and with an infectious groove that makes you want to dance, this band and side are sure to be in heavy rotation in a lot of DJ boxes, as this track is available for the first time on 45. This is a vinyl only release! Great news for all of us DJs and collectors out there. NYC Trust back up their name with real product, and if you can’t be trusted, then what do you have? Their word is their bond and the proof is in the music. IGBO. Remember the name, because you won’t forget this track easily.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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