Big Ups With Otis Funkmeyer

I met Otis Funkmeyer many years ago at a Soul Strut gathering in Brooklyn. This specific gathering was really just a bunch of record nerds trying to be social or seen, floss records, and lastly DJ. Otis and his band played some of the funkiest stuff around. I am talking covers of “Hikky Burr” and the like. Nobody was covering that stuff. Highlight of the night, yes. Low light of the night was schlepping all the way up to BK after promising to get paid and getting a Pioneer tee shirt instead of money at 4am, as well as getting yelled at by some NYC DJ because I didn’t play a rare record out of my box. Record collectors have the best manners sometimes. But I digress. Out of this party I got to be friends with this dude, who is a total stand up guy. He knows his music, is a kick ass guitar player, and I can’t believe that I waited this long to get him in Big Ups. So without any further delay, here’s Otis Funkmeyer. Enjoy!

Check out his Instagram feed here.

Keep Diggin’!

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