DJ Platurn (ft. E da Boss, Ishtar & Kicker Dixon) – In Love

The Left Cost’s DJ Platurn, a veteran on the DJ and music scene drops some heat with Record Breakin’ on his latest “In Love”. Featuring on point soul crooner E da Boss, Kicker Dixon, and Ishtar, this slow burner is perfect for the late night jam session in the basement or to have those kids dancing to the quiet storm. They need to realize that soul music is not going away, and Platurn and crew help carry the torch on this side. The track that is getting maximum spins out DJing and in the lab for us though, is “Lie To Kick It” featuring E da Boss once again. Bouncing to a soulful R & B beat with great horn stabs and some tight cuts by Platurn himself, stop lying and just kick it will you? This track has got them nodding their heads and moving to the rhythm, but Platurn’s not stopping there. You get an instrumental of “In Love”, as well as another heater (just on the digital side) in “Comin’ Down” (ft. Ammbush, Kicker Dixon, E Da Boss, & Ishtar). With that rocksteady flow and rhymes spit like they are supposed to be, this seven inch has three tracks of heat (plus a bonus digital track to d/l) when you usually just get one or two if you are lucky. If you are not familiar with Platurn, well then you should be. The founder of The Oakland Faders crew has doe collabos with Red Bull, Toyota, Pandora, Adidas, Pixar, Monster Cable, MTV, Rane, and the Golden State Warriors, among others. Dude shows no signs of stopping either. Known to rock along side some of the biggest names in the industry world wide, it’s great to see this cat, with over two decades in this DJ game still going strong and releasing records like this. More great stuff with a West/ East Coast connection on wax at Record Breakin’. Check out all of the tracks below, and grab a 45 from the link after that. Real music is in the building!

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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