K-Def: In The Moment

If we were to say that the veteran producer K-Def is a machine, that would be an understatement. Releasing four records in 2016, he’s back with his first offering of 2017, In The Moment. Twenty three tracks that capture a sound, a head space of this experienced industry heavyweight right in that moment. It’s dope to say the least. If you are a long time fan or just a first time listener, you will get the vibe that K-Def is giving off right away. Many of these beautifully crafted beats have that golden age mind set, but seriously that is not all. Carefully planned out samples, tight, hard punching drums and arrangements take the listener on a journey. That journey from New Jersey to where ever your headphones are throughout the globe run the gamut from hard and gritty to spaced out synth rockers that would make the toughest of the tough G’s break down and start to move in place. These instrumentals are truly a work of art, and like we said before, if you’re not familiar, K’s worked with the best: LL Cool J, Lords of The Underground, ODB, Ghostface, Diddy, and many more. So he knows his way around an MPC and other tools to end up with the top notch product. Recently featured on Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette filmed right here in Jersey City, this latest offering shows us that dude has no signs of stopping. This one is super limited to 250 pieces electric blue vinyl with heavy stock jacket with a matte finish. It’s more than the music. Check out the record below, available on Redefinition Records now.

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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