Michigan & Smiley – What A Ting

Today’s goodness comes from Chicago, IL and a new/ vintage reggae label Happy As A Lark. They are recording new and updated riddims and partnering with veteran and young buck vocalists to put out some authentic reggae and plant the flag of reggae music firmly in the Midwest. Their first offering is a digital full length Noir, from The Drastics, a Chicago dub band as well as an accompanying 7″ from reggae vets Michigan & Smiley entitled “What A Ting”. This veteran dee jay duo bring some conscious lyrics inna rub-a-dub-style as well as their signature call and response, all over a fresh riddim worked up by The Drastics. But we are not done! The flip features keyboard master Ray Jacildo and the track “Murder At Strange Manor”, who lends a definite Left Coast sound to the track.

Both the seven inch and the digital offering from the Happy As A Lark label are quite good. Genuine in sound and look, it’s great to see the torch of reggae music being held so high and burning bright in the Midwest for all to hear. If this is an indication on what the future holds for the label, then bring us the onslaught of forty fives, we have more reggae to spin! What we dig about these releases is their authenticity, and reggae lovers across the globe will soon agree. These seven inch releases (there is a second on the way “The Lick” by MC ZULU) are super limited, so if you want to jump on the HAAL train, now is the time. They will be on Discogs in no time. What a ting!

Stream the forty five and The Drastics Noir digital album below, both available now. Noir Dub will be available on April 25th.

Get the forty five, out now, from Happy As A Lark here.

Follow them on twitter.

Keep Diggin’!

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