Kamasi Washington – Truth

Kamasi Washington is at it again, the first time since The Epic in 2015. Washington unveiled “Truth”, off of the EP Harmony of Difference available from Young Turks in the Summer. The six movement musical suite was originally premiered this year at The Whitney Biennial. It has come with a film to accompany it with by esteemed director A.G. Rojas and some stunning artwork from his sister Amani Washington.

My hope is that witnessing the beautiful harmony created by merging different musical melodies will help people realize the beauty in our own differences.

It’s really great to hear new music from Washington, who moved not just us here at Flea Market Funk, but jazz fans across the world with the opus that was The Epic. But you didn’t think he would be one and done with that first effort did you? This first single from the new EP is over 13 minutes long, and the Rojas video to accompany it illustrates harmony between many different types of people from East and South Central Los Angeles. We were over the moon when he broke onto the scene, and equally excited for this new project as well. More to come from this celebrated player and his extended family.

Check out the video for “Truth” below.

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