Abstract Orchestra – Dilla

As musicians are touched by the genius of Dilla every day, more tribute projects, cover tracks, re-edits, and the like come out. The latest from Abstract Orchestra, the all star hip hop band out of the UK (inspired by bands like The Roots, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, and more), is a 12″ tribute to the man and his music. Fifteen tracks reinterpreted in their own way, you may ask yourself: when is enough enough of Dilla? We say never. An on point tribute to one of the greatest to ever do it, the two tracks you get a sneak peek at, “Workinonit” and “Two Can Win” really prove that two can really win. Getting the samples of 10cc “Worst Band In The World”, as well as The Sylvers “Only One Can Win” right, it’s always refreshing to see how different bands will rehash the original samples and inject it into their version of a song. We have always been fans of the live band playing sampled music. Whether it’s El Michels Affair, The Roots (who made a career out of doing it live), or regional bands like Conundrum, it always brings us back to a happy place. Tackling different times in Dilla’s career, this record by Abstract Orchestra really gets it right on this one. Check out the two tracks you will get now digitally if you pre-order. We can see Dilla looking down with that big smile, head nodding, knowing that he has inspired generations of musicians and continues to do so on the daily.

Pre-order the record here, available June 30th on ATA Records.

Keep Diggin’!

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