Apostles – Banko Woman

Cultures of Soul has forged quite a name for themselves in the record industry. Whether it’s tackling a Brazilian forty five box set, private press jazz, Bombay disco, rare female soul, and beyond, their catalog runs deep. Their latest release, the Apostles “Banko Woman” is an afro funk/ disco bomb that has been exploding on a dance floors around the world for decades. This highly coveted record, originally out on Love Day Records in 1977, is now available courtesy of the good folks over at Cultures of Soul. The flip, “Faith, Luck, and Music” was also available on the original Banko Woman LP, is another scorcher as well. Based out of Eastern Nigeria, the band has been around since 1973 and has run the gamut on genres, playing funk, rock, pop, and reggae throughout their career. Might we add they do all of it very well. Their continued success (and live shows) reaches from their hometown of Aba and beyond. With the release of this very special seven inch, the Apostles will be exposed to a much larger and wider fan base, as this is the first time both of these tracks are available on a 7″ together. Once again COS bring you a record that you just may not come across every day. Music is for everyone, and COS preserve the music and culture in each and every record they release. If you are not familiar with the label, bookmark it. They have a lot to teach the listener.

Hear samples of the record and pre-order the record, out May 19thhere.

Keep Diggin’!

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