Kutiman – White Monkey

Whether it’s live music, digital film making, leading an orchestra, multi-instrumentalist and funk architect Kutiman keeps on producing projects and making music that gets better and better. In fact, his music made such an impact on me as a DJ, that I still carry an early 45 of his to just about every gig because it is that funky. He has matured as an artist and producer as well, shaping Indian sitars and psychedelic guitars just to name a few into his own worldly funk brand, and at this rate he shows nary a sign of slowing down one bit. Following his minimalist “Mineral” project, which stripped down Indian psychedelica to the very last compound via organ, tabla, and more, he is back with “White Monkey”. Keeping it funky, he’s gone a bit psychedelic with a twist. Mucho synth stabs and a horn section make this cosmic vibe blast off into another solar system from start to finish. So much that he has sold out on the vinyl off of his bandcamp page already! But don’t worry, you will be able to get this beast at better record shops all over the world. A talented man with a funky plan, Kutiman keeps leading the way in world funk each and every release he shells out to the listeners. Check out record below.

Watch him perform “White Monkey” live:

The record is out now in finer record stores and online. More info here.

Keep Diggin’!

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