Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra feat. Racecar – Concrete Motion

Today’s lesson comes from the Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra feat. Racecar and the track “Concrete Motion”, off of their upcoming record on Office Home Records, Impact. This band has a reputation for releasing scorching hot grooves and their previous three releases are proof that they are not to be effed with. Call it latin heavy, afro fusion, rootsy, or experimental, there is one thing for sure. This band knows how to lay down a groove. Further exploring hip hop sounds on Impact as they did on Got To Get Down, where they teamed up with three dope emcees (Oxygen, Audessey, and Emskee), they keep the cosmic ride going with RacecaR on Impact.

Truth is the remover of doubt/ No Doubt.

If you like your music heavy on the latin orchestra vibe, rare groove stylings, funky as your grand pop’s drawers, then this new record is for you. Even better, they have teamed up with RacecaR who controls the vocals like a boss. This hip hop element over the ALVO’s jazzy groove, plus some background sister soul vocals propels this track that is equal parts funky drummer and organ funk as it is hip hop spoken word and fuzzed out guitars. You see, this music is meant to be felt. Felt deep down in your soul. The music is the message and the message is to listen and get that groove in your bones to make you move. We love the direction this track is going, because it has all of the musical elements that are appealing, and the vocals invoke the spirits of people like Gil Scott Heron and The Last Poets or a style like Brooklyn Funk Essentials or Yasiin Bey in his spoken word mode. The groove is infectious, and we are looking forward to checking out the full length when it drops. It is super limited to 200 12″ vinyl pieces, so it is advised to pick it up early if you are into it. Check out the track below:

Get the record, available May 15th on Office Home Records here.

Keep Diggin’!

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