The NCY Milky Band – Billy & Bess

When a forty five like Billy & Bess comes out from BMM Records, we get excited. This four track seven inch from The NCY Milky Band out of Nancy, France is a mixture of jazzy, library, and can best be described as French rare grooves. Sophisticated and oh so funky in its own way, Billy & Bess tells the story of Billy, an old man who lost his wife a few years ago. He lives with his beautiful and malignant Chaton. During his usual walk in the park around the corner, his life will change.” As Billy starts his encounter, the track “Billy” is a jazzed out, mellow starting point. Moving on to “Chaton”, we feel the excitement building through a wall of funky keys, drums, and other synths. Indeed Billy’s life is changing right before us. Must be that darn cat? Moving on to “Bess”, we get another mellow mover with some jazz filled keys, which leads us to the final track “le Conflit, l’Attaque et l’Amour”. This track is right in Billy’s face: Conflict, Attack, and Love. Another upbeat track filled with beautiful piano that breaks down back into the Fender Rhodes lovely, it’s a great conclusion to the story and the record. The record itself is narrated by le Lynx, le Kids, la Cerise, el Serviz, & tWiny Rufolas, who play each track to the fullest. RIYL library music, downbeat jazz, left of center rare grooves. Linited edition, small hole seven inch. We are feeling this new one from BMM Records, you will too.

Buy the record available on BMM Records here.

They also have an exclusive BMM 45 Box set with three 45s from LTF, La Recette, and NCY Milky Band here.

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