Nasimoto (Nas & Quasimoto Remix)

Just when remixes and mash ups couldn’t go any further, in steps D.Begun from Portsmouth, NH. File under ‘why the hell wasn’t this ever done before?”! Take some Quasimoto The Unseen instrumentals and some Nas acapellas, plus a ton of added flavor and you’ve got Nasimoto. If you are a fan of either artist, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well the two go together. We thought that Sadevillain was innovative, but really, this project is miles ahead for real. Highlights include “get Down (Low Class Conspiracy)”, “Shoot outs (Put A Curse On You)”, “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” which gets a smoothed out treatment via the “Basic Instinct” beat, and “Thugz Mansion”, a treat with the “Jazz Cats’ back beat. While we will admit, Lord Quas isn’t for everyone, those who get it get it, his production skills are really top notch, and Nas, well he’s one of the greatest of all time. A few blips here and there, but for the most part, his body of work really is classic through and through. That’s why we feel like this project is so special, and really, essential for all you hip hop heads out there. Have a listen to the mix below and if you dig it, pay what you want to download it. Would love to see this thing get on vinyl at some point because it is a great project.

More info on the release here.

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