DJ Spinna – 1996 Beat Tape

When it comes to DJ and producing, DJ Spinna is one of few that can do what he does. A talented DJ, known for his eclectic sets, dude is equally comfortable rocking a house music set as he is playing dope hip hop, or blending jazz, soul, funk, reggae and the like into mind blowing sets. An international name that has been drawing crowds for years here and over seas, his collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Michael Jackson to name a few, have propelled him to a level on his own. But Spinna is so much more. A seasoned producer that has been successful in the hip hop world with his band The Jigmastas, he’s also gone on to produce fro the likes of De La Soul, Das Efx, and with his time on Rawkus Records he produced some early Eminem appearances as well. So the man’s CV is long, diverse, and impressive. There are not many who can do what he does, let alone do it well.

Redefinition Records has this special release for us, available right now. 1996 Beat Tape Vol. 1 is a 20+ years old all instrumental album from Spinna soley made with turntables and produced on the EMU-SP1200 & Akai S950, way before computers. This all instrumental tape, made back then with vocalists in mind, was ahead of its time, and definitely before all instrumental tapes were a category. His advanced production techniques are strong and still hold up today, as you will hear on the streaming link below. This collaboration between Redef and Spinna’s Correct Technique Records is hopefully the first of many, as Spinna has over twenty years of unreleased material. If it is as dope as this beat tape here, we are all in for some treats. This release is available in orange color vinyl and packaged in heavy jackets with matte finish. The run will be limited to 500 units total. Don’t sleep, these will go fast!


01 Bleepers
02. Gruzzy
03. Lace
04. Azzy
05. Zylowah
06. Red
07. J.L.
08. Dasfunkay
09. B.T.
10. Murky
11. Uuuugghh
12. Notty
13. Fazer
14. BuildingBloxx
15. Webby
16. Hopscotch
17. Thatone2
18. Blue

Steam the Beat tape below:

Get the record, also available on cassette as well, here.

Keep Diggin’!

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