Izo FitzRoy – Skyline

This morning’s musical goodness comes out of the Jalapeno Records camp from Izo FitzRoy and her deep track “Skyline”. Jumping onto the music scene about a year ago and representing London lovely, Fitzroy’s sounds are a blend of soul, gospel, and blues that flow like a backwoods creek, slowly ending up in the river of musical delights. Steady touring and making music have strengthened this songstress’s pedigree, and on the strength of her record Skyline, she has raised eyebrows and caught the ears of Blues & Soul, Uncut, Eton Messy and Echoes to name a few. A break from the monotony of everyday drivel we hear on the radio, the same 10 songs drilled into our head (if you can stand radio that isn’t left of the dial these days) Fitzroy’s here to charm you with some soothing tracks and a voice that is reminiscent of those early ’70’s soul and blues sisters doing it for themselves.

File this record under deep gospel soul, bluesly soul, and positive vibes

“Skyline” is a ballad chock full of soul and gospel with a positive message to the world about overcoming adversity. It’s proof that if you put your mind to anything you can accomplish it. We are especially fond of the subtle guitar work and organ work that blend’s perfectly with Fitzroy’s vocals. The quick bass solo that runs right back into that voice is just one of the many small parts that have impressed us with this soul siren. Recorded while she spent some time in New Orleans, this track has become quite popular in her live shows with audiences all overt he world. File this record under deep gospel soul, bluesly soul, and positive vibes. To say we are impressed with this single is an understatement, Fitzroy is making moves and it’s way beyond any skyline. Listen to the track below, and grab the record after. Jalapeno doing their part to preserve and promote good music, so do your part and spread the word.

Get the music here.

Keep Diggin’!

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