The Zone Identity – Funk-I-Tus

nce the early days of FMF. One such artist who has reinvented himself is J-Zone. The former rapper turned drummer has turned his career around and has been putting out projects non-stop the last few years. After much success with The Du-Rites with Pablo Martin, his latest project, The Zone Identity sees the producer and multi-instrumentalist getting plenty of stank on two exceptional funk tunes. For this journey he linked up with jazz guitarist Ed Littman and Hammond B-3 organist Bennett Paster from Fraternity Music Group house band, The U.B.’s. He also utilized his designated hitter, percussionist Ray May for this project, while he hits the skins and splits bass duties with Littman as well. For those of you that know Mr. Mumford, he’s got a soft spot for funk 45s and with this debut 7″ from The Zone Identity, he’s picked two that are definitely most funky. The band proceeds to put their own spin on far out there late ’60’s Los Angeles troop Warm Excursion’s “Funk-I-Tus”, a $100 plus forty five that is greasy as hell. Their take is a hard drum hitting, funky organ jam that you will not want to stop playing. Seriously. On the flip they pay homage to J-Zone’s favorite band, Kool and the Gang (Jersey City stand up!) with a bang up version of “Let The Music Take Your Mind”. Their version is a mix between the original and Grant Green’s cover recorded at The Cliche Lounge in Newark, NJ in 1970. Both sides of this record definitely sound like they were recorded in 1970, and for that, we tip our hat to this debut on Fraternity Music Group. Today is the first day it is available and we are already anxiously awaiting the sophomore 45. Another winner for J-Zone.

Buy the record here.

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