Mr. President – Going To A Go Go

It’s always great to have some music passed on to you, and when our man in New England TD passed this side over, we dug it so much we wanted to feature it. Today’s feature straddles the modern funk and soul line and leans heavily towards early house music. House music you may have heard early on in Chicago or Club Zanzibar in Newark, NJ. Deep grooves that just had that perfect sound, a sound that kept you dancing until the sun came up. Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart, bass player and producer has been producing since the mid 1990’s. Combining many ingredients of house, funk, soul, disco, electronica, jazz, and reggae into his aural stew, he’s had a successful run of releases under various aliases and monikers, including Patchworks. “Going To A Go Go” comes after the successful release with Sabba MG, “Give My Love” on EDR Records in 2014. This fresh, deep house version of the classic song done by everyone from The Stones to Smokey Robinson to The Sharonettes. While we never really venture into house music here, we will let you in on a little secret: we have secretly loved house music at Flea Market Funk for many years, and have been appreciators of the genre for quite some time, dipping some of the classics into our DJ sets. “Going To A Go Go” definitely has that early house flavor and clocks in at about 125 BPMs, perfect for getting them moving. You will also notice some classic sounds on this track as well, which will get fans of the early, white label stuff hyped up. The Deep Mix is slightly more upbeat, while the track “Night Time” also featuring Sabba MG is oozing disco vibes from every crack. This is definitely a record that is going into our record bag, because, you know, night time is the right time. Check out all of the tracks below and order it, available on Favorite Records as well.

Buy the record here.

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