MNP – Heavy Tint

To start your weekend off right we have the new forty five from Israel’s Markey Funk and his label Delights. Always one to keep it heavy, this record is no exception. The debut single by Brighton’s MNP, which features Simon Hill aka Beta Hector on bass, Toby Sendall (Baby Charles, Derriere) on guitar, and Robin Mallon (Derriere) on drums is a keen double sider that explores cinematic psychedelica and more. The trio keep this smoker’s delight moving forward, with extra percussion and effects by Markey Funk, this record is an exploration into sound. This sound is exactly what 1960’s European film and library composers were aiming for as they scored television programs, films, as well as radio spots and commercials of the day. Funky and atmospheric with psychedelic abound, both tracks really hit the nail on the head for sure. “Heavy Tint”, with its eerie organ and spooky, slow chugging beat has all the right elements of a moody funk track that explores the outer reaches of psychedelia. It’s as if some early Cotillion and Vertigo bands had a child and let it run free. The flip, “Dib Dab” starts out just as heavy, but with more drums and effects all over, some fuzzed out guitar and of course deep bass to make the point. There tracks are spot on, and for those of you that are into library music or original cinema scores from that time period, this very limited record is for you. With only 100 copies pressed up, you would be hard pressed to get a copy if you wait. Check out the record below, and the link to order it is right after.

Buy the record here.

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