Diamond Ortiz – Right Back Atcha

The Austin Boogie Crew is back once again with a banger just in time for the warm weather. This time it’s boogie vet Diamond Ortiz with a twelve inch of dance floor melting goodness and “Right Back Atcha”. The San Francisco native drops his first twelve for ABC, and it’s a keeper. “Right Back Atcha”, bringing a ray of sunshine, talk box and all right to the party. You can not sit still with this track guaranteed. But that is not all. Three more tarcks to keep you moving on this 12″. “Hit The Spot” brings a bit of a Saturday Love vibe and hits the sweet spot of your ears while “NBC” is making you move even more on your own. Nothin’ But Cuties as Diamond Ortiz is in the place to be. Another Summer banger. Closing out this terrific twelve is “Goodies”, which for us, is the icing on the cake. All of these tracks are equally good and will have great effect on your dance floor this summer. Austin Boogie Crew is constantly putting out heat, so if it’s your bag, I’d scoop up all the releases, including this bad boy while you can. Stream the record below:

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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