Focus On: Diggers Apparel

Always on the look out for fresh gear, today we highlight not only a great indie clothing company, but one that is dedicated to the art of digging records. Founded by Pritt Kalsi, who has been involved in graffit and hip hop culture since 1984, has also founded King of The Beats record label and a successful documentary filmmaker. Working with legends such as Jazzy Jay, Marley Marl, The Universal Zulu Nation, Main Source, DITC, The Beatnuts, Ultramagnetic MC’s and more, Kalsi’s passion for the music and culture led him to direct these documentaries. Unfunded, this label and his limited edition prints help fund these films.

It is apparel companies like this that we love to see. Hard working. creative people such as Kalsi who give back to the culture, not just with this apparel, but with his documentaries, limited edition prints are what we love to pass on to our good readers. We’ve picked some of the best of the line that we wanted to highlight, but there is so much more. Crew neck sweatshirts, varsity jackets, boots, wool hats, as well as the prints and posters that go along with the line’s philosophy of preserving the culture. Whether you are a hardcore digger, someone who goes out once in a while and gets dusty, or just a fan of the culture, Diggers Apparel has something for everyone.

Check out some of the apparel below:

Diggers Branded Tee

Limited Edition Superheroes Tee

Looking For The Perfect Beat Tote

Limited Edition Badge

Visit the web store here.

Keep Diggin’!

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