Keither Florence & The Associates – Free b/w Future

To lead us into the weekend, we have an official reissue of a holy grail 45 from Keither Florence & The Associates. This Hotlanta slice of cosmic funk and modern soul from 1978 was brought to attention by the ever reliable Andy Noble and has always been quite elusive, sic, expensive, as only a few copies of this fantastic 45 are even known to exist. Florence originally got these tracks together while he was at Clark College in Atlanta with his band Krishna, who generated major label interest. However, the full length never happened, the band disbanded, and as the story goes for so many talented bands/ musicians from decades ago, it fell into obscurity until a cat like Andy Noble dug it up and reintroduced it to the world. This proper release has Florence’s blessings and is being reissued by the good folks over at Backatcha. These lo-fi compositions are really incredible. “Future” has the bass work that we like, and a cosmic vibe that will keep the late night dance party going even later. “Future” has a bass line that is even deeper, and explores the realm of funky disco even further, pushing the track far into space. The listener can hear why this record is so sought after. It’s dirty, spacey, and the perfect track for the wee hours. Thumbs up on this reissue for sure.

Stream both tracks below:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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