D/troit – Soul Sound System

Good music can come from every corner of the world. Whether it’s Estonian heavy funk, soulful sounds from the Far East, or homegrown funk from the Left Coast, these different pieces of music make the puzzle that spins the globe that contains plenty of soul. Today’s offering is no different, as we visit Copenhagen, Denmark and the outfit D/troit. Add some James Brown in with some Marvin Gaye, some raw garage energy plus a Northern soul feel and you’ve got their unique sound that drives for days. With a rock and roll attitude and the work ethic of early Chitlin’ Circuit bands, D/troit are as authentic as they come. Gritty and rough around the edges (which is a good thing), their single “Sound System” on Crunchy Frog Recordings is put together very nicely. We are impressed with the great drum work, beautiful horns, vocals and the way this track is put together. This soul dancer will have the folks dancing out of their seats for sure. That breakdown though! Make sure to rewind, it’s killer. Obviously influenced by the originators, D/troit do their best to help carry the torch of good music into the future. A bastion of sounds and genres that fit together like a fine leather glove, they have found the right formula for soul music that makes an impact not just in Denmark, but throughout the world. Stream the single below and hear for yourself:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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