Rift Valley: Rift Valley

It’s no secret that we like our beats dusty here at Flea Market Funk. We have always liked that gritty, instrumental sound achieved through sampling records, and our soft spot for instrumental beats and soundscapes runs deep. So it’s no surprise that we love this new self titled effort from Rift Valley on Soundweight Records. This record is a follow up to Nocturnes from 2016, and all instrumental record from The Summit also known as DJ Drinks. Drinks is one half of the duo Armed Dukes, calling North London home. This LP was recorded and mixed all throughout the entire year of 2016 and the beats were made on 1990’s Emu Systems samplers. It doesn’t get more authentic than that. But it does, the recording went straight to BASF Master tape on the producer’s choice, a Revox B77. The record itself, airy and atmospheric with heavy drums and laid back beats, is exactly what we think of when we are speaking of instrumental tracks. Whether it’s jazzy, lo-fi sounds or horn filled, late night burners, Rift Valley is ripe with dope tracks and an all together vibe that you will be able to get into right away. Don’t sleep on Soundweight Records number one, as they always have an ace up their sleeve, and number two, don’t sleep on Rift Valley. Carrying on the tradition of dope producing in the same lines as DJ Cam, early DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, and dusty fingered producers that have the talents to get “that sound”, this record definitely has it. Rift Valley has it, and at year’s end, this one will be on the must haves of the year. Hear a sample of the LP below:

Buy the record here,

Keep Diggin’!

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