lil’ dave + Personify: Gotcha Covered Vol.2

There are mix tapes and then there are mix tapes, ya dig? When there wasn’t the internet and you were chomping at the bit to get some new music that would blow your mind, you rushed to the record store and grabbed the latest offering from cats like Daddy Dog, or Soulman, or Ken Sport, well, you get the idea. The list goes on. This special mix, by two of Philly’s finest (one now located on the Left Coast) is once again, next level. For their second volume of Gotcha Covered, lil’ dave and Personify pick right up where they left off on volume one and proceed to smash it once again. They run through 101 covers in 90 minutes before the tape pops, and touch upon records in the funk, latin, rock, R & B, steel-drum band, brass band, jazz, disco, hip hop genres. You may know some of these tracks, some you may not know. But one thing for sure is that they keep your toes tapping and your head nodding for the full 90 minutes! And guess what? Like a record you need to turn it over and get to the second side to hear this bouillabaisse of popular and obscure sides that flavor the recipe of Gotcha Covered Volume 2. Check out twenty minutes of the tape below. This thing is hot, and only 100 are up for pre-sale right now. So you gotta act fast to get ya self covered for the second time!

Pre-Order the cassette available July 5th here.

Keep Diggin’!

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