Amir Bresler – Afro Golden Line

A very in demand drummer in his native Israel and around the world, Amir Bresler has recently released this gem of a forty five on raw tapes. Taken from some tracks he did for Meinl cymbals with the producer Yuvi (Rejoicer), his treks back and forth to the Meinl factory doing these tracks have turned into an official release. “Afro Golden Line” is a nod to African Highlife music, particularly that of Nigeria and Ghana. It’s a fantastic piece of music and features Sefi Zisling on trumpet and Uzi Ramirez’s on guitar. If you were never introduced to African music and this was your first, you’d be delighted. We are for sure. The flip, “Fish”, is a track taken from an old mixtape of LBT that originally had vocals by KerenDun. Amir’s recorded it at his studio and Beno & Nomok also helped compose the track. Nu Jazz at its finest. Bresler’s drumming is exquisite, and really shines on this future classic of a B-Side. Both sides, really are dope, so if you dig African Highlife with a twist and a future leaning jazz perspective on the flip, this seven inch is for you. Stream both sides below. Dig Deeper and you will be rewarded.

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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