The Vicious Seeds – Sneaker Collector b/w African Spy

Always innovating and moving forward with the funk, Lugnut Brand Records is back again with another banger for your record box. This time it’s with The Vicious Seeds, the funky soul outfit from St. Petersburg, Russia. This double sider of goodness follows the label’s releases of their anchor, The M-Tet and their full length, Long Play, plus some collaborations in The 238’s and Thee Baby Cuffs records. Their latest release from The Vicious Seeds is exactly what you would expect from the label, deep, hard hitting funk with lots of soul. “Sneaker Collector” is guitar driven funk for all of those sneaker heads out there. It’s a soundtrack to heads trying to cop the latest rare kicks, sort of like all of us vinyl junkies chasing the black crack every day. This debut of the band on the label is a must have. “African Spy” is the secret agent man of funkiness. You can hear some Meters influence, even a little surf guitar a la The Ventures as well. It’s raw and funky, and opens up further as the track moves along. It seems countries like Russia and Estonia are churning out some great funk artists these days, with labels like Lugnut Brand and Funk Night bringing out the best in these often unknown bands. The Vicious Seeds have landed on The West Coast with one of the best funk and soul labels out there. Another solid record you will be clamoring for on Discogs in years. Check out both sides of the record below:

Check the M-Tet store, the record will be available here shortly.

Keep Diggin’!

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