Skeme Richards – New Library Sounds

Leave it to The Nostalgia King aka Skeme Richards to keep innovating and keep putting out projects that keep fans wanting more and more. His latest is a limited edition cassette via Record Breakin’ Music, another label who just keeps moving forward as well with projects and artists that continue to grab listener’s attention and make them stop what they are doing. New Library Sounds is a 60 minute mix tape of new library sounds all on vinyl.

What you are about to hear is just that, a cinematic expression that feels as though it should be a score to a film, one that’s filled with action and adventure, love and drama, hope and despair yet genre less at the same time. It’s a journey into the unknown but charting into familiar territory that places you in the center screen.

Limited to only 200 copies, this is sure to sell out fast, as the last project he did with RBM was on ebay before you know it. So if you are a fan of classic library sounds from companies such as DeWolfe, KPM, Chappell Recorded Music, Bruton and Conroy Recorded Music Library among others, you will love this mix. Richards captures the sounds of today’s musicians, giving a nod to the aforementioned house bands making music for television, film, and radio. If you’ve not got a chance to get into the wonderful world of library music, here’s a chance to hear some fantastic and talented musicians creating and recording this music like it was done in the past. Truly an art form and a treat for your ears.

Pre-Order the mix tape here.

Keep Diggin’!

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