Service Update: A Short, Feelgood Documentary

You know, sometimes it’s nice to do things for people. Put a smile on their face and make an impact on their day. That’s what we try to do here at Flea Market Funk. Whether it’s a feature, a mix, guest mix, product review, video or more, we really hope that in the ten years we have been around that we have impacted you in a some positive way, shape or form. While we have heard of Carl Downer, the reggae toasting tube conductor at Victoria Station in London before,it was Junior from Record Breakin’ that passed on this lovely, short documentary made by Olly Sindle about the man himself. Emigrating from Jamaica to England, the man impacts thousands of people every day with his toasting and story telling. This guy puts smiles on faces every single day. We love that. “Beautiful people, beautiful vibes.” He said that exactly right. Check out this reggae music inspired story of someone who is making a lot of people feel good every day of his life on the London tube. This is a feel good story people, and Friday is a great day to share the good vibes. Check out the doc below:

More Films by Olly Sindle here.

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