Basement Freaks – All That Funk!

Well, we love getting some great records to start our week off right. Today’s heat is Virginia by way of Greece/ Germany. Basement Freaks originally put this thing out on Jalapeno Records and the good folks at Boogieburg have got this monster on their label for you right now. Plus, the flip, “Calling The Jams” is an exclusive for the label, so that is a huge bonus. Both tunes are absolute fire, and in the disco funk area, you’d be hard pressed to not have people dancing to both sides of this jam when you drop it. Pressed up in the Motor City, each one of the records is hand stamped/ and packaged in Blacksburg, Virginia. This release is not just a domestic affair, it’s a global one as well. “All That Funk!”, if you may have missed it is top notch. We are loving that the B-side wins again on this side as well. Heavy synth, talk box, and a bass line that can only be described as killer, this is moving us and at the top of the list this week for sure. Grab it and go, because as soon as you drop the needle on this seven, you’ll be head nodding until your neck hurts. Listen to both sides below and grab a copy for the box to keep those dance floor addicts moving all night long. Look out for some upcoming heat from Boogieburg because they have even more heat on deck.

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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