Ourra ft. Andre Espeut – When There’s No Love b/w What I’d Do

The machine known as Star Creature is back at it again and this time they have taken a trip across the pond with this seven inch from Ourra ft. Andre Espeut. Up and comer Ourra is joined on wax by London vocalist Andre Espeut to give us some more universal vibrations in a style that gives us a sound akin to the UK’s jazz funk past. A stepper that will get you moving, but that will also get those skaters bouncing as well. “When There’s No Love” has that sound, a sound that brings you back to a simpler time where the music was fresh and the attitude was care free. All you needed to do was dance, and this seven captures it perfectly. Billed as contemporary Brit-funk, the A-side definitely does not disappoint. Although it’s modern, you could definitely see this jam rocking the discotheque or rink with ease back in the day. Bounce, skate, and roll people, Ourra is here. The flip, “What I’d Do” picks right up where the A-side left off, which means there is more dancing to do. We are definitely impressed with this double sider and how it can capture an authentic sound, similar to what SCUV has been doing with their past releases. Skate on people, Star Creature is on the turntables, so get it on yours.

Check out the track below:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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