Experience Vinyl

Vinyl records are a wonderful thing. The first time I ever stepped into a record store it changed my life. The atmosphere, of course the records, and the expert advice from record clerks are what I remember most. It was always great to have a clerk who could turn you on to something you may not know about. Some people can’t make it to a record store as much as they would like to, so today there are services like Vinyl Me, Please, and Experience Vinyl who curate vinyl records for you to purchase. This subscription service, however, isn’t like any other. Experience Vinyl gets musicians and celebrities to curate their favorite albums each month. They write a top ten desert island list, then EV presses the top three for the month’s picks. You get to choose how many you want in your subscription. Artist’s like Quincy Jones, Carlos Santana, Lenny Kravitz, Grace Slick, Talib Kweli, Sean Lennon, Brian Wilson and more let you in on their favorite vinyl selections for your listening pleasure. It’s like you walked into your local shop and Quincy Jones(or any of these cats) was behind the counter recommending great music for you to purchase. Along with the selections, you get some personal essays written by the artist and in some cases a seven inch of a band or upcoming band of their choice. It’s definitely unique, and they also offer a chance to get into a drawing to see one of the artists live for a listening party as well as meet and greets and more. This month’s curator is the great Grace Slick, so go to the link below to check out her picks for the month and get more info on this service. Experience Vinyl is definitely a vinyl subscription service that gets you the vinyl some of the top artists love, so go check it out.

More info on Experience Vinyl here.

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