João Donato e Donatinho – Lei Do Amor

All we are saying today about the latest project from NYC Trust is “Whoa!”. Raising the bar even higher, the chaps at NYCT team up with Brazilian legend João Donato and his son, synthesizer maestro Donatinho, as they bring it once again to the dance floor with two sides of modern boogie funk off of the full length Sintetizamor. They have two singles for all of you heads that were freaking at the Brazil only release when it leaked. The A-side features the heavy groove of “Lei Do Amor”, funky and ready for the dancers, it is indeed something that will immediately get bodies moving. Reminds us of a beach, tall drinks, and small bikinis in no particular order. Also reminds us of a Kashif track, if he was Brazilian. A serious vibe on this one. The flip, a track called “Surreal”, is an interesting nod to Herbie Hancock’s “I Thought It Was You” complete with talkbox and more of that groove that makes the package complete. Two for the price of one, really. Would you expect anything less from these cats? The label design is a tip to the Columbia label with its colors and typography, and the sleeve this 45 is housed in is hand screened which also includes a postcard of the album art work designed by DC Comic’s Alan Jefferson. NYCT always throwing in a bonus to the music, which vinyl records champions and those who love details and extras will love. Check out the tracks below. The record will drop around August 25th. Until then, play it loud!

Pre-Order the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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