Friday Fam Mix: Tone @ and Cutler Present: The Gossage – Vardebedian Papers v1

Here’s a Friday Fam mix from two of our good friends from the rap group Pseudo Intellectuals. Their classic underground record Resourceful Illery is one you should seek out if you are not familiar. Chock full of jaxx sample, fresh cuts and tight beats, Tone@ and DJ Cutler have now put together The Gossage – Vardebedian Papers v1, a mix made while both of these cats are on different coasts, West and East Coast respectively. Now it has nothing to do with Suge vs. Puffy we can assure you that, it’s a jazz thing baby. These cats know records, so for your enjoyment sit down and enjoy the show. Here’s what people are saying about the mix:

A Buffalo to Seattle long-distance jazz mix executed by (e)mail as an alternating selection of tunes selected by Tone and Cut. Tone picks & records a song from his collection, (e)mails it to Cut at which point he picks and records the successive tune (with the deliberation of a chess move), sending it back to Tone – ad infintium. This first edition also complies with a theme (which we trust the listener may quickly pick up on) of every song being a jazz cover of a pop/rock/soul song. We do hope that you enjoy it. -Irv Funkenstein, July 2017

Have a listen to this very well executed bi-coastal jazz mix because it’s that good. We can not get enough of this goodness here in the FMF studio. We are seriously crossing our fingers that they are emailing respective Volume 2 parts back as we type this…..

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