FREE DOWNLOAD: K-Def featuring The Artifacts – Left In My Dust

You know the boom bap never really went away, and who better to hold the torch (man he was part of the start of it!) then Jersey’s K-Def? Half man, half amazin’ on the drum machines(s) and more, this vet handles the production on this track from the dynamic duo straight out of New Jeruz as well (ya heard me?). Tame One and El Da Sensei aka The Artifacts body this new forty five out on Redefinition Records. “Left In My Dust” jumps back into their catalog of bangers and samples “C’Mon The Git Down” as K-Def works his magic as he always does on a record. Looking for that real hip hop? Complaining that no one makes that boom bap any more? Tired of grown men dressing like Captain Jack Sparrow at a bowling alley on a Friday night minus the accent? Not tired of Carhart work wear and blunts as big as a baby’s arm with flashbacks to that Redman Cribs episode? How about Phillies Blunt shirts (Gerb, can you please make some more of those?) We aren’t. We are not stuck in the 90’s, but rather love that sound that came from that time period. We know we aren’t the only ones. That raw, in your face, pushing a Range Rover driving through Brick City with your boys, pumping this track over and over. That’s what it reminds us of, good music and good times. That’s what you get with this record out of the Redef camp. Now you get with it in 2017.

This record is limited so jump on it!

Buy the record here.

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