The Traffic – Superfreak b/w Like I Love You

The Traffic are back once again with two bangers for your buck with their take on two certified classics. More heat from Down Under and since being teased a little bit ago, we’re happy to say this record is available to listener’s delight around the globe. The Traffic take hits and transform them into a party my friends. These hits turn into a party, first on your turntable, then on the dance floor. Side A really needs no introduction. Super Freak by Rick James, freaked by The Traffic as no one has before. Lots of horns and an back beat that doesn’t end, we can’t sit still, and neither will you. MC Hammer had nothing on this sample, The Traffic have had their say, and it’s the final word (especially at the break down towards the end of the song. Just plain dope). They did the whole song. Rick is looking down saying: “Now that’s a party bitches.” The flip is their version of the Neptunes produced Justin Timberlake “Like I Love You”. Remember when The Neptunes did an all instrumental version of the first record? Think of that, but with the sexiness and swagger of JT transferred to this side. Always happy to see a new record from this outfit. Instrumental interpretations at its best. Their unique take on tunes makes them stand out in the front of the line. Check both records below on the stream and pre-order as well, they will go fast!

Pre-order the record here.

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