Saboy y Control- Sicario

It doesn’t need to be Summer to appreciate a release like this from NYC Trust. Always pushing it further, always giving us music we most likely have not heard of, but most of all, always making our ears happy. Up on their next release, is Sabor Y Control. Hailing from LIma, Peru, this band carries the torch for the classic sounds of salsa dura and descarga there for close to twenty years. That’s almost two decades people, and with seven records and numerous live shows during that time, they have forged quite a path throughout South America with this sound. As always, NYC Trust brings out the best, whether it be bands, tracks, or both, and the two combine for Sabor u Control’s first vinyl release that has gone international. That’s a bonus for you. They have released two ‘salsa bombas’, and led by saxophonist Bruno Macher, this orchestra of epic proportions really gets it done on both sides of the record. They have made sure that both are for the dancers, and even if you do not dance, you can’t help but feel the spirit on this record. Remixed and remastered on seven inch vinyl, NYCT know good music when they hear it. Now it’s your job to spread the word via your turntable. Sabor!

Pre-order the record here, available August 17th.

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