Aver – Die Berlin Dateien

Today’s a great day to get into Die Berlin Dateien, the first solo record from The Natural Curriculum’s (TNC) chief producer Aver. This sixteen track effort was recorded by Aver while living in Berlin. Not just your ordinary instrumental hip hop record, Aver combines traditional sampling with complex drum patterns and rhythms on this effort as a whole is quite solid. Littered with German spoken word, obscure vocal samples, precise cuts by DJ Omas and DJ Statiko, as well as beat box from Jambox, this abstract full length is definitely a keeper. Reminiscent of guys like DJ Cam, DJ Krush, and some of the dusty releases that Shadow Records was churning out in the ’90’s, this fresh and updated take is quite unique. Obviously influenced by the city of Berlin and Germany itself, this record is a solid listen from start to finish. No you are not in a dream state, but wait a minute, are you? Super moody and atmospheric, this aural cinematic experience is crafted beautifully and will have you floating and nodding your head at the same time. If you are a fan of instrumental hip hop, Aver’s first effort is absolutely top notch. Stream the record below, and let Aver be the soundtrack to your weekend, we definitely are. Released July 17th on Village Live Records, it’s available now on digital, limited edition vinyl, and cassette tape. Aver and Village Live elevating your listening experience. Stream the record below.

Album Trailer Video:

More info on the album here.

Buy the vinyl and cassette here.

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