The New Buzz – Valley Of Silence b/w Brisket Bits

When people talk about limited edition records, it seems that runs of hundreds get that label. Then the record gets repressed, and the cycle continues. While the word limited at times is well, just a word, today’s release from The New Buzz is the epitome of limited edition. 30 copies, yes three zero, you read that right. Thirty copies will be available at the end of August from this Brisbane funk and soul collective on Valley Heat Records. The successful band, hot off of their debut release “Like We Used To”, are back again with a beautifully crafted double sider of a 7″ as a follow up. Recruiting crooner Karl S. Williams on “Valley of Silence”, they run through a fuzzy soul and twangy alt country track that showcases equal parts sorrow and pain. Williams was influenced by The Stanley Brothers “The Lord’s My Shepard” and it’s a track people are going to remember. Not just for the limited run, but for the weight of the track. The flip, the all instrumental “Brisket Bits” is indeed fuzzy as well, but grooves along the psychedelic tip with cinematic soul themes throughout. Think an OST lost track meets a gritty funk side. Great stuff. Like we said, this is super limited to 30 pieces with a drawn cover by Karl S. Williams and hand numbered. A great combination of funk and soul on one record. Highly recommended. Valley Heat for the win on this forty five people.

Get the record here.

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